“After several IVF failures at a large clinic in New York City, we decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Lobel. I believe the first 90 minutes she spent with us looking into every detail of our medical history changed our lives. We decided to switch to her care, and it was the best medical decision we ever made. Dr. Lobel is a very detail oriented and amazingly knowledgeable doctor. The care we got from her was tailored to our needs and problems. She always made sure to listen to our concerns and explain our options. Her bedside manner is fabulous... she was never too busy for us, always calling back personally to answer questions and discuss results. We now have four beautiful children as a result of our IVF cycles with Dr. Lobel at MRM.”
B.M., New York

“While Dr. Lobel is second to none when it comes to her abilities as a physician, what sets her apart is her unique office structure. Dr. Lobel is the ONLY person you will talk to during the entire ordeal and somehow, she always makes time for you, no matter how much time you need.”
E.R., Brooklyn

“I spent many months struggling at one of the big, very well regarded NYC fertility programs. I dreaded the long and unpredictable wait times and the fact that you never knew which doctor you might see. But I eventually left because it didn’t seem like anyone was really thinking about my case and why I wasn’t getting pregnant; I was just a number. When I met Dr. Lobel for a consultation, she made observations and recommendations that the other program never considered or mentioned. Even though she was not in my health insurance network, we decided it was worth it and we switched. This was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and was worth every extra penny, not only because we now have two amazing baby boys, but because she made what is an incredibly stressful and painful process so much more bearable. She is so smart, dedicated, compassionate, attentive and responsive. I can’t recommend Dr. Lobel highly enough.”
J.W., New York

“There are truly no words that could sufficiently express our gratitude for everything Dr. Lobel has done for us. Her kindness, compassion and perseverance are really what got us through this challenge. We feel so blessed that we had the ability to get to know someone as special as Dr. Lobel.”
A.M., Miami

“It is a privilege and pleasure to have Dr. Lobel as our doctor. We greatly appreciate her kindness, patience, sensitivity and generosity. It makes this process so much easier. Her genuine concern and care beyond the call of duty are extraordinary.”
M.C., Brooklyn